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Who are we?

The BRIZA Publications logo alone says it all. The seed (Greater Quaking Grass) that represents who we are couldn’t be more fitting because a seed denotes growth and what else is there, really, if we’re not moving forward? Our publications are the result of a cherished natural diversity, tireless promotion of the responsible use of natural resources, and a shared appreciation of our wonderful natural heritage. Just so, we’ve established a fertile foundation as a specialised publisher (since 1990) and branched off, blossomed and ultimately grown from there.

If you have something to say or to share, you want it packaged and promoted in a manner that reinforces, complements, and ultimately enhances your message. That’s where we come in! And while we emphasise the environment, there are a number of different publishing avenues that we accommodate – all in the name of knowledge, outstanding quality and of course, growth. If you want to collaborate with South Africa’s major publisher of titles on botany, natural history and more, you’ve come to the right place so get in touch.

Publishers’ roles have transcended book production and we embrace this. We have a responsibility to information consumers and their intermediaries (among others) that demands unwavering excellence even in the face of ongoing change.  In a similar vein, our level of service is not something we are prepared to compromise on – that remains consistent despite having to adapt to this remarkable information society.  Our online bookstore is yours to traverse.