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Gladiolus in Tropical Africa

Gladiolus in Tropical Africa - Hardcover

A Field Guide to the Aloes of Malawi

A Field Guide to the Aloes of Malawi

Mills of Southern Africa - Hardcover

Are you interested in the history and development of South Africa's mills? Get Mills of Southern Africa by Chester O Staples with over 300 colour photographs.

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Authors: Chester O Staples
ISBN (ENG): 978-1-919766-44-8
Extent: 228 pages
Format: 286 x 256 mm

Hardcover, bound in fine cloth with a hardcover and laminated French fold dust cover. More than 300 colour photographs


About the book: 


Mills of Southern Africa by Chester O Staples introduces the reader to an aspect that is unknown to many people, namely mills. Mills are to be found in many parts of our country, most of them representing a bygone era and every mill is unique. With more than 300 colour photographs, Mills of Southern Africa strives to highlight the plight of so many mills that are in urgent need of restoration.

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