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Trees of the Garden Route

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Culinary Herbs & Spices of the World

Clivia: Nature and Nurture (E-PDF CD)

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Authors: Dirk Swanevelder & Roger Fisher                                                                               ISBN: 9781920217273


About the book:

The contents on this CD is fully searchable. Clivia: Nature and Nurture presents the anatomical, physiological and genetic make-up of the plant in layman’s terms, but at the same time it serves as a model for a broad spectrum of plant growers. It introduces growers to the principles and practices specific to the genus, as well as aspects of pests and diseases and their control.

Clivia: Nature and Nurture clearly identifies and characterises all the species in one volume, describing all varieties, habitats, distribution, ecology and endemism, with emphasis on South African origins, ecology and habitat.

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  • Adobe® Reader® software, version 7 or later

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