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Kennis Klop Kanker

Kennis Klop Kanker

Stapkos sonder sukkel

Stapkos sonder sukkel

Knowledge Beats Cancer

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Author: Albert Stegmann Alberts
ISBN: 9780980259940
Extent: 336 pages
Format: 240 x 168 mm
Soft cover, full colour photographs and illustrations


About the book:

YOU HAVE CANCER or have a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer! Your blood runs cold when you hear the diagnosis. After the shock and denial come the questions: What will I have to go through now? What are my chances?

  • What cancer is and how it originates
  • How common it is and success of cancer therapies
  • The importance of diet, regular examinations and self examination
  • The many branches and approaches of modern therapy
  • Modern treatment and prognosis of common cancers (29 types)
  • Breakthroughs in molecular biology with fewer side-effects
  • Bone marrow stem cell transplantation
  • edian survival periods
  • Alternative, complementary and integrated therapies
  • Patient support, recovery after mastectomy, cancer in youth and children, effective pain control, care of patients with advanced cancer
  • Support by community organisations
  • Author's personal perspective on suffering and healing through faith


About the author:


Albert Stegmann Alberts is an oncologist spent 33 years treating cancer patients. He is specialised in all branches of cancer therapy. The subject of his doctoral thesis was braced cancer patients. He is the author of numerous international publication.


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