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Field Guide to the Succulent Euphorbias of southern Africa

Field Guide to the Succulent Euphorbias of southern Africa

The Talking Dictionary Build your own Bundle

The Talking Dictionary – Build Your Own Bundle

Model TD Callfinder®/Klankleser®

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Briza's revolutionary Callfinder®

Immersive experience with the Callfinder® that engages the senses 


  • The Callfinder® is battery operated and easy to use. It doesn't depend on internet or network coverage and has no complicated menus or operating instructions.
  • Briza uses new printing technology to print an invisible grid over every photo. The eye of the Callfinder® reads this grid and recalls the bird's call from its internal memory card.
  • The Callfinder® comes with: Standard 3,5mm earphone/speaker jack, mini USB port, Power button, Volume control and mode selector, Callfinder® sensor, 2GB memory card and battery charger

Buy the TD Callfinder® on its own and use it with all Callfinder® ready books

Once you have purchased the TD Callfinder®, you will only then need to buy any of our Callfinder® ready books and the accompanying soundfiles to download to your Callfinder®.  







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